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Open Source means Sharing on a new Level: An Interview with Jose de Leon and Jason Berry

Recently, at the full day Drupal Camp session held at the University of Ottawa, I had the chance to sit down with Jose de Leon and Jason Berry over lunch to chat about ‘open source’ and the implications of this approach to software for major projects. Almost immediately, I was reminded of Einstein’s quote, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." 

Indeed, both Jose and Jason ooze enthusiasm when it comes to talking about code and the concept of programming, and neither one is hung up on issues related to time. Below, they share some insights on open source, documentation, patches, and philosophy.

Onboarding from an Employee Perspective

People storming a beach.Recently, I finished a short-term employee contract with the Canadian government’s Digital Engagement (DEEN) Group which runs the Buy and Sell website. The project was in the scope of information management (IM), working with Drupal.

As a new employee, it was important for me to go through the process of onboarding, so that I could contribute to the team and bring value to my role. But as a short-term employee this became even more important because I wouldn’t be in the position forever—I had to make the most of the opportunity!

Awareness, an Evolution beyond Darwin: Accessibility and Everyday Life

Me (Jon) (Left) coming out of the blocks.It was not that long ago, when everyday tasks that many Canadians take for granted such as reading your own mail, reading a menu, or getting off the bus at the correct stop were not so "everyday" for people living with visual impairments. Fortunately, as our world has evolved over the years, so has awareness, which means significant improvements in accessibility as related to the half a million Canadians who live with vision loss.

The Role of Teachers and Mentors: Ottawa Network For Education

Andrew Wiggins & Coach Roy (R), courtside, Portland, OR; courtesy northpolehoops.comSteve Ditko, the famously reclusive artist of the original Spider-Man comic books, recently was asked by an 8-year-old-boy if there was a teacher who made him think about drawing comics. Ditko, who also has a legend for candor, replied, "A teacher comes after one thinks or would like to draw comic book stories."

And I think it's true: we ultimately make our own decisions about what we want out of life. Then, if we are fortunate, someone is there for us, encouraging and assisting us in attaining our goals. If we’re really lucky they remain a consistent presence in our lives, helping navigate the pitfalls and peaks that come with pursuing those goals.

Open Data means Opening the Doors on Knowledge: An Interview with Dominique Morin

Dominique, you recently attended the 3rd International Open Data Conference here in Ottawa. Why? What did you want to get out of it?

Dominique Morin: Attending the conference was all about learning and reconnecting with friends and colleagues working in the field of open data: I wanted to move away from my screen and be part of the human to human discussion on open data. I’ve worked directly and indirectly in the field for some time, and with Public Works’ recent focus on providing greater access to procurement-related data, and its recent adoption of the Open Contracting Data Standard, I thought the timing was perfect.